Local Info


  • Always check official sources of information for weather, NOTAMs, procedures, etc.
  • The tower operates 0630-2230 LCL. Call CTAF on 119.1 MHz at least 10 miles out.
  • If you're approaching from the south or southeast, Tower will probably ask if you're coming around the ridge or over the ridge. Sometimes a few planes are inbound or outbound going around the ridge, and Tower wants to be able to provide appropriate advisories.
  • All fixed-wing traffic patterns are on the NORTH side of the airport, because of the ridge to the south. Terrain and towers 2171 MSL, airport is 528 MSL.


The FBO on the field is Energy Aviation, +1 (570) 368-2651. The FBO is on the West Ramp. Operating hours are 0630-2100 LCL. After-hours fuel by prior arrangement.

Aircraft Maintenance

Canyon Aero LLC provides aircraft maintenance services.

Learn to Fly

Canyon Aero LLC rents aircraft and has flight instructors on staff.

There are several other CFIs in Williamsport, at least half a dozen, probably a dozen or more. I'll add them to a list here as soon as they give me their preferred contact info.

You can learn to fly Light Sport aircraft at AvSport of Lock Haven. LSA rentals and maintenance available.

No Restaurant

There is no longer a restaurant at the Williamsport Airport.